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Back Entry: 22nd July 2009

I’m here updating my purchases while resisting seduction from my mom’s Eel Soup.
The aroma of fragrant ginger and pepper, combined with the eel… is just so tempting me.
One more hour till dinner time..

This soup is very very good for skin *awake* It gives us bright and supple complexion.

But the fish is full of tiny bones, so be extra careful when you eat it. Me and momma was at the market after bfast, and at 10-ish, the sellers were preparing to go home, and desperate to sell off whatever they have left. I’m so amazed with momma’s haggling skills – she got about 6 big pcs of eel for $5! WTF??! If I was the one buying, I’d innocently pay $10 for those… sheesh what a catch. Learn to haggle girls!

The old folks once said when you cook eel with ginger, you can find out if the eel is toxic. Why?
Because in the water, sometimes they mate with snakes (!!!) so they become toxic. I don’t how true is this.. but better be safe than sorry, yes? Anyway, when cooked with ginger, if the eel turns black – it is toxic, so don’t consume it. Else it is safe.

This soup is warming. Suitable for rainy days :)


1 pc of eel (for one person)
Few slices of ginger
Some pepper
Spring onion.

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