Foxy Frangipani

So I've been cooking at home since I retired from work...
Trying to see if I would be great in the kitchen too lol.

This is my second attempt in preparing the  Prawn in Spicy Gravy, and like the 1st attempt, it turned out perfect! Happiness :)

Dish 1: Prawn in Spicy Gravy

- 600gm medium sized prawns, shelled
- 1 tbsp chili powder
- 1-2 stalks of lemongrass, crushed
- 4 cloves garlic (all in Italics - pounded)
- 3/4 medium sized onion
- 1.5cm piece ginger
- 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper powder
- 1 medium sized red chili (roll out the seeds)
- Tamarind juice
- 1/4 thickly sliced onion
- Salt to taste
- 1 tbsp sugar (I use brown sugar)

Heat oil in pan. Fry pounded ingredients till fragrant.
Add in lemongrass and onion.
Add in chili powder, and then tamarind juice.
Next, sugar and salt.
Lastly the prawns.

The dish turns out with thick spicy gravy.
Mom was saying how usually the prawns would water and spoil the dish so I was already half expecting it to fail. But voila, just nice! If you like it spicier, add more chili powder / cayenne pepper.

Dish 2: French Beans with Roasted Pork

- Half a cup of roasted pork (or more)
- Onions
- Garlic
- French beans

Heat oil in pan.
Saute roasted pork and onion, season with some oyster sauce.
Remove from heat and set aside.
Saute garlic and french beans till cooked (we like it softer)
Add in the roasted pork and fry for another minute.

Dish 3 was the leftover from yesterday's early dinner. I don't know what is it called, but it has anchovies, long beans, tofu, peanuts and chili. Yums!
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