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Yeah ok, so it doesn't sound very convincing I know. But its a fact that oats are good for health. Here are some whys:

~ Oats make us calmer. Its a natural anti-depressant.

~ It has Inositol which maintains the blood cholestrol level. (The Boyfriend can prove this.. his health report came back alot healthier since I "forced" him to eat oats hehe. He now loves it!)

~ Oats protects us from bowel cancer because of its high fibre content.

Unrefined oats can be eaten on regular basis to reduce stress while cooked oats will relieve fatigue.

Okay enough of benefits. But it is boring to eat the same thing everyday, eh?
For me, I mix in my milk tea (some ppl find me weird, but try it, taste good), mix with hot water and some prunes and bananas, or just plain oats with some sweetened milk.

Recently Momma taught me another recipe with oats, the salty version and here's how I prepare it:

Ingredients: (basically what you fancy eating) I like mine this way-
- Minced meat
- Onion (chopped)
- French beans / cabbage (finely chopped)
- Mushroom (any type) (sliced)
- Oats (of course)

Just heat the pan with some oil, and saute onion.

Add in meat and mushroom and stir for a few minutes.

Add in french beans / veggies.

Season with salt / soy sauce.

Add a cup of water, and pour in oats.

Keep stirring until simmer.

Ready to serve! Yummm... I love it. Keeps me full!
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