Foxy Frangipani
Have you had days where you woke up feeling really hungry, wanting to eat some tasty good food (not fast food), but just too lazy to cook up a storm?

Today is one of those days..
I wanted something salty, with meat and veggies..
I don't wanna wait for the rice to cook.. too long..

I did the lazy cooking..
One bowl of veggies and meat, cooked together in soy sauce.. yumm!
Served with Amaranth Tea.. A meal prepared in about 30 mins
My healthy brunch: Nutiritious as it includes the orange, purple colored veggies, mushroom for anti aging properties, meat for protein, garlic and onions for good immune system.

- brinjal
- carrot
- minced meat
- fresh mushroom
- garlic
- onions
- soy sauce
- salt

Some freshly boiled flower tea is always so soothing.
Today I chose the Amaranth Tea:

- 12 flower buds
- boiling water

Amaranth tea is good for skin health, and also has anti aging properties :)
*vain pot*
Oh, it can also help to regulate menstrual function.

The tea has very light sweet scent, and has no strong taste. I like to take it plain, without sugar.
I find this refreshing..
Tinted in pink.. very girly me thinks!

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  1. audrey Says:

    it looks so delicious^^