Foxy Frangipani

After many years of tea drinking, I've recently gotten very interested with flower / herbal teas (because I now know where to get them!)

Tea for today offers many health benefits; let's go thru by individual herbs.

Pak Kei / HuangQi
~ is of warm properties
~ promotes urination (diuretic)
~ used for treating cold and respiratory infections
~ strengthen immune system
~ is antibacterial and antiviral
~ protects liver
~ promotes tissue regeneration
~ can lower blood pressure (large dosage)
~ can increase blood pressure (small dosage)
~ regulate blood sugar

Jiao Gu Lan
~ antioxidant
~ promotes longevity
~ is a calming adaptogen
~ anti aging
~ improves digestion
~ improves fat metabolism
~ improves endurance in the body
~ regulates hormonal functions
~ prevents constipation
With so many health benefits, I'm happy to drink this every other day..
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