Foxy Frangipani
Ahh these are the healthy and yummy food that momma dearest prepared for me when I came back for a week's break. The good part is that I can eat lots of these without getting fat hee hee.

The first dish was Tang Yuen.
Little glutinuous balls cooked with cabbage, mushroom, dried prawn, prawns, chicken and chopped garlic.
Nutritious warm soup - happiness for my tummy! :D

Second one was San Yao Salad.
A mixture of lettuce, san yao, grilled chicken bits, apple, drizzled in non-fattening vinegar sauce.

To prepare sauce: Black vinegar, honey, garlic, soy sauce, water.

San yao is slippery, so becareful when you slice them yeh.
Its good to combat constipation (lots of fiber and gel).

*Happiness is being at home*

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