Foxy Frangipani
You work blardy long hours, come back late at night, not in the mood to eat out lugging around the laptop - the only option is go back home.

At home, all the creative juice to whip up some delicious dinner, be it simple soups / pasta / salad goes into the drain. Just-don't-have-the-energy!

Is it only me or does this sounds familiar to you too?

On days like this, my quickest dinner would be - fruits.
I tend to avoid heavy meals at night; no noodles, rice, bread, anything that will overwork my digestive system at night haha.

Regulars in my fridge are strawberries, mulberries (I have a tree!), apples, grapes, oranges. One of my favourite? A cup of strawberries drizzled with honey :) Honey to pamper my stomach (I'm prone to gastric) and strawberries to detox my already sluggish skin!

Note:- This is not "BF-approved", so if you have gastric problems, don't over-do it yeh!
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