Foxy Frangipani

I came across this new product from Nestle during one of my groceries shopping trips.There are a few flavours; I think the other was Apple & Orange?
Anyway, I picked the Prune one.. I love love prunes..

Claims: Fortified with protein, calcium, iron and vitamin A, C, D, E.
The suggested serving method is to add 200ml hot milk per sachet.
There are 8 sachets in each pack. 28g per sachet.

Do I like it?
Not really. I didn't take this with milk though. Just hot water.
200ml of hot water would give you a very very watery consistency... and tasteless?

There are bits of prunes.. but don't expect chunks.. just bits.. tiny bits.
Tasted sourish and bland.. I dislike it the first time I tried it.

The next time, I tried with less water.. Better this time.
Faint hint of sweetness with the sourish prune bits.

I guess this is convenient for busy mornings if you don't care much about breakfast.

I'll just finish off the 8 sachets and bid Nestum Fruits goodbye!
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