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I just came across an article on how some bananas sold at the hypermarkets / anywhere at all are toxic and could possibly cause cancer!

Apparently those shiny, clear skinned bananas we see are dipped in water mixed with Carbide to force-ripe them.. uhhh?

I’m confused.

Obviously this Carbide mixture sounds toxic, deadly even. But how do I know which bananas were dipped in and which weren’t?

It seems that naturally ripe bananas have tiny dark/black spots on the dark yellow skin, and the stalks are black.

Carbide dipped ones are light yellow (like lemon) with green stalks. No black spots.

So choose those ugly ones haha.

Reading about Carbide and its chemical properties gives me headache.

In short, when mixed with water, it emits gas and this gas could get absorbed into the bananas.

And of course into our stomachs.. and tumors grow. And then we die…

So take note on this one!

Spread it around.

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