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As I type this post, my mouth is busy munching crispy cucumber and celery.
Yes, I made salad again.. what to do, I love salads.

This is similar to the one I posted previously, with some minor adjustments.

For today, I used:
1 whole medium cucumber
1 tomato
1 stalk of celery
2 hard boiled eggs
2 sausages
Very little salt
Olive oil
1 tbsp mayo (ok next time I will cut down on mayo)

I love having cucumbers in my diet. Crunchy and juicy they are packed with lots of nutrients too (click on the above pic for more info). On my non-lazy days, I juice alot with cucumbers. Very cooling drink for a nice complexion :)

The good thing is that cucumbers are often on sale at my local Tesco store.
3 med-large cucumbers cost only RM0.30! Yes, I'm not kidding - RM0.30 :D

The ONLY downside of feeding on salad? I will be hungry again after 1 hour! Oh no....


That is why... I also boil some nourishing soup for tonight :)
Tonight's special brew - Brain Tonic soup.

Hopefully this nourishing tonic will:
Reduce forgetfulness and mental fatigue
Increases alertness
Improves concentration and memory
Increases blood flow to the brain
Reduces the frequency of headaches 

When I say Brain Tonic, most probably you'll be thinking of Pig-Brain soup, right? Hehe I don't go to the market often and I don't know how to clean the pig brain, so I use a simpler method.

I buy pre-packed herbs from Tesco :P
Each pack only costs me about RM3-4. Good for 2-3 persons. (too much for 1)

This is what the herbs look like.

 Instead of pig brain, I use black kampung chicken. They are healthier and have less fat :P

Always remember to give those herbs a good rinse before you boil them. I usually rinse them at least 3 times, and the last with hot boiling water before placing them into the slow cooker.

Next add in the kampung chicken (also rinse thoroughly). Followed by 2.5 bowls of water. I used hot water if I'm short of time (which happens often haha). No salt as it will rob off the nutritional values of the herbs (so I heard).

Set the slow cooker to Auto and boil for about 4 hours. And enjoy..... ahhh can't wait to taste it.

Update: Uhmmmm the soup is sourish? I don't quite like the taste, must be one of the herbs in there.. The BF said the soup made him wide awake... so I guess it does help a little? 

I wasn't that sleepy after drinking it, but I slept quite ok.

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