Foxy Frangipani

It happens each time The BF went back hometown for the weekend.
I'd love to stay home and try to eat healthy. But.. its PMS week.. sigh and I cannot stop eating!

How healthy is that? :P

Yesterday was quite alright. Had our usual favourite chicken rice + steamed fish head + chai boey. Very satisfying, except that the Lady Boss always forgot about my Chai Boey! I must have my Chai Boey :)

Dropped The BF at his place and The Stomach was still pretty happy until about an hour later.

So I boiled a big pot of barley water..
*Good for cleansing the bladder, and remove heat*
(I forgot to mention it meant visiting the loo every 30 mins!)

And finished a small pack of junk food... ~Charlie Charlie Chickadee~

Then I reached for a small pack of biscuit.. (feeling guilty as I type)



Then my dinner finally.

~ Ladies fingers, stir fried with mushroom, and soya paste. (think Collagen!)
~ Green pea + mushroom soup (think Vitamin Bs!)
~ Plain barley (ate is as rice coz I don't use sugar when boiling barley water)

Then I ended the day with Herbal Chicken Soup. Ahhhh bloated.


What about today?

Started the day with some dates and warm water with a squeeze of lemon.

2 mugs of kopi-o next. (TWO?!? I'm not even a coffee lover, but for some reason...)

The last pack of biscuit. (gulp)

A glass of milk + black sesame powder (love it, but I think it taste better with hot choc)



Arghhh that was breakfast?!?

So lunch + dinner:

I finished these by 7.30pm... and at 9pm, I was feeling hungry! OMG..

More Herbal Chicken Soup..

To end the day - one final mug of hot choc + black sesame powder..

And you know what..? The BF will be away for the whole of next week..

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