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Two weeks back, a friend casually came up to my desk; asking if I was busy. And being my usual self - I was, very! But I thought she sounded a lil not so herself. So I stopped my work a mo, and asked what was going on.

She earlier went for a checkup.. and found a 7cm growth some where near the womb? Or the F tubes?

I froze for a moment.. and after our conversation, I can't help but to wonder - life is so fragile. Out of a sudden.. no pain no nothing, you detect some growth or funny tumors in you.

I knew how risky it could be.. it could be cancer! And my dad had cancer, he lost the battle.

Nah my friend got a second opinion and was hoping her next menstruation would flush it out. But I am wondering... what am I doing to prevent this from happening?

My lifestyle, needs a revamp. I need quality sleep, quality food, and exercise.
I could start with getting back to my juicing habits.

Here is one of my so called anti cancer juice.
I usually have 3 glasses, and varies them by adding either vinegar, raspberry syrup or honey.

- Brocolli
- Cucumber
- Celery
- Tomato
- Carrot
- Papaya
- Juvo 1 scoop
- Collagen 1 tsp

The original mix of the above is somewhat bland and sweet. So some may not like the taste.

Try it with some vinegar, raspberry syrup or Ribena :)
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