Foxy Frangipani

Whoopsie, another miracle cleansing product?
This is a freebie from a magazine purchase. Since it says that it works in 8 hours time, I'm assuming this is a laxative. So better test it on a weekend hehe.

The sachet contains 10g of products.
Advised to mix with cold water, and best taken on an empty stomach.

I used this with my favourite shaker, mixed it with plain water.
Green in colour, and smells fruity. A little sweet, but nothing intolerable.

I couldn't find any info from their website, all they have was on FirmUp. I checked their Facebook page, and yep - it is a laxative. Inner D'Tox is just a fancy name.. like makeup :P We all know constipation causes dull skin, headache and all sorts of problem. And that eating sufficient veggies and fruits is the best way to fix this. But yada yada, how many actually eat healthy?

This is my 5th hour and nothing happened haha. I don't have chronic constipation, so I don't know what to expect from this...

I'm probably not going to purchase this, as I read too much laxative products screws your natural bowel movements..

They have a trial pack of 7's at RM38, and value pack of 28's at RM96.

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