Foxy Frangipani
Mmmm I love the sweet smell at home now, originated from my lovely kitchen.

The comforting aroma of pandan and lemongrass tea.

Haven't been to the market for quite a while, and whenever I was at Tesco, the lemongrass seems dry and semi wilted :( Miss making this drink!

And while I'm still on holiday, I woke up earlier for a trip to the market..
The young woman was very kind to get me  fresher stalks. I got 3 fat stalks hehehe, for I think RM0.50?

I couldn't find parsley though :( 
Initially wanted to do a kidney cleanse today. But its alright. Lemongrass juice is still super.

It is pretty simple, just 3 ingredients:- 1 stalk of lemongrass, 1 thumb ginger and 2 pandan leaves, knotted.

I grated half of the ginger because I forgot my mortar at my old place. I wanted a stronger ginger taste.

I knotted and crush the pandan leaves for more aroma, and slice the lemongrass. Add about half a pot of water and boil for about 20 mins. Low heat.

Brown sugar is optional, but I like mildly sweet so I put 3 teaspoonful in.

Voila! My delicious lemongrass tea.
Refreshing, and full of goodness. 

It's properties include:
~ Anti cancer
~ Aids digestion
~ Great to cure heatiness and fever.

Now, I'm off to read a good book! :)

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